Olin Stephens in memoriam

On Saturday September 13th, Olin J. Stephens II passed away at the age of 100 years.  Olin Stephens was unquestionably the most successful yacht designer of the 20th century. Designing 8 out of 9 winning America’s Cup yachts from 1937 to 1980 will be an achievement hard to beat, but maybe even more important, he brought joy to tens of thousands of sailors around the world who sailed on one of his 2500 designs.  The International 8-Metre Class has lost a dear friend in Olin who attended many of our events around the globe.  He designed four International 8-Metres, Conewago, Prelude, Iskareen and Iroquois .  Each of them successful and ground braking. 
Olin was unique in so many ways and has been an example and inspiration to so many. On a personal level I have never met a man who combined the will to excel and win with the most humble and modest presence.  A true gentleman in every way imaginable.
John Lammerts van Bueren
Executive secretary IEMA 

8mr 15.9.2008