Karl-Helge Löfgren 1 September 1922 - 12 May 2009


Last night, Karl-Helge Löfgren, one of the finest and most remarkable 8-Metre sailors of all time passed away. Karl-Helge came in to the 8-Metre Class in 1961 when he purchased the famous Tore Holm design Allegro. Ever since the man and his boat have been inseparable; 48 years of cruising and racing in the waters of Sweden and Finland, picking up crew from docks and rocks wherever and whenever he could. His birthday party was an annual gathering of sailors and not to be missed, the most remarkable probably being his Eightieth when he finally accepted an engine for Allegro. Not sure if he ever cared to learn how to use it, under sail Karl-Helge knew Allegro’s every move. Through who he was, he has introduced more young sailors to our class than anyone else in the region and for sure each and everyone of them remembers the first sail with him.

Through my sadness of Karl-Helge’s passing, the memories of his completely unique sense of humour and his endless tails and jokes make me smile, how could one not and maybe that is how he would like to be remembered too.

John Lammerts van Bueren
Executive secretary IEMA
(of course a former crew member of Allegro too)

8mr 12.5.2009