Viesti Norjan kuninkaalta

Dear John Lammerts van Bueren and the 8-Metre fleet,

Based on the discussion regarding "Sira Cup" and the question of 8.00 versus 8.07 King Harald the V of Norway asked me to convey His personal opinion: Being the Owner and Skipper of "N-33 Sira" King Harald would like to see as many boats as possible competing for this Cup. This class could then consist of any new boats, replicas, reconstructions and restored boats together with the original boats, as long as they abide to the Lloyd’s scantling rules in force from 1924 to 1949. King Harald would like to keep the "age allowance" 8.07 for boats built prior to 1960 (Motion II or III) and would be in favour of allowing replicas or new boats with design date prior to 1960 the same. King Harald and the crew of Sira are looking forward to be racing again in this beautiful class, and we will concentrate on getting the starts right, finding the wind shift, improve our boat handling, trimming the rig/sails and enjoy the solidarity of the class. Kjell Arne Myrann, Boat Captain Sira

Picture: HM King Harald V @Esko Kilpi



8mr 15.4.2010