RRegatta in heavy winds


Picture by Eero Lehtinen: Vågspel (Birger Slotte 1943) racing again with a new rig by Red Sky / Kotka

Four 8 metres took part in the season opener - The ESF RRegatta. Results: 1. Birgit SWE-44 2. Sagitta FIN-2. 3. Vågspel FIN-6, 4.Naja FIN 1. Naja had an encounter with 6mR Merenneito and lost some of her spreaders and had to pull out of the race. The three remaining eights all managed to get a 1st, 2ns and a third position in the three start race. The last race was therefore decisive. The winds were heavy on the first day peaking at 10-11 m/sek. A record of twenty 6 metres, seven five metres and two 5.5 metres participated too. The party was great, food exquisite and arrangements were superb. ESF is a benchmark to follow for all other upcoming classic regattas of the season. 

(Kirjoittanut Kim Weckström)

8mr 21.6.2010