A smaller but active fleet will sail in Finland 2010

The actively sailing/racing domestic fleet this summer: Sagitta, Naja, Vågspel, will be extended by Birgit from Sweden and Astra II from Russia. We will be accompanied by Andromeda from Sweden in the Hanko Regatta in early July. Katrina will join the fleet in August. Due to several unrelated circumstances the Finnish 8 metre fleet is diminished this season. Sphinx is out of the game this summer due to legal complications, Lara is waiting for major repairs, Windy is still undergoing cosmetic reconstructive surgery and Tamara and Silja will not take part in any of the races. Iroquois will not participate in Hanko and probably not during the rest of the season either. And as the owner of Allegro, Peter Löfgren, is fighting a war against the oil spills in the Mexican Gulf, Allegro will probably stay decomissioned this summer too.

The sixes will more than make up for the no shows in the eight metre fleet this summer. 20 sixes in the RRegatta in mid June with and 21 sixes are participating in the Helsinki regatta. Huge lineups to be expected later this season as well. 

(Kirjoittanut Kim Weckström)

8mr 30.6.2010