Meeting with Friends in Snowy Helsinki

The HSS Classic Yacht Symposium & Ball ended up being a great gathering for the eights. It was a great honour for the Finnish 8mR fleet and to HSS to receive such an honourable attendance from the international 8mR fleet. The guest speakers in the Symposium included the IEMA Class President Fred Meyer from Switzerland and the long term Executive Secretary John Lammerts van Bueren from the Netherlands. Fred gave a fascinating speech about the America's Cup and John introduced an interesting way to look at classic yachts through classical music. Also present was the President of the Technical Committee Ron Palm from the USA and David Vieara from Portugal as well as Lars Widen from Sweden, Kjell Myrann from Norway, Alexey Rusetsky from Russia and Jack Gifford from the U.K. The event proved once again what a great fleet we have and how much fun we can have together.

Photos by Esko Kilpi :

(Kirjoittanut Julia Ormio)

8mr 30.1.2011