HSS - The Northern Pearl of the Classic Yacht Culture

Helsingfors Segelsällskap (HSS), founded in 1893, is located on the beautiful island of Liuskasaari at the Southern part of Helsinki.The HSS clubhouse, designed by Runar Finnilä and built in 1949 after the first one was destroyed by fire, stands steady on the rocky island. Its terrace is providing the most spectacular sea view of the city in the north and the horizon in the south and it is the most perfect place for great after-sailing and watching the sun set.

HSS is known for its strong commitment to classic boat sailing. During the recent years, the 120 years old club in Helsinki has slowly but steadily earned its status as the dominating classic yacht club in Finland, with more than 70 different classic yachts, including the largest fleet of 8 meters, 6 meters, 5 meters, Dragons and many other classic sailing boats.

HSS has always been a club committed to racing. In the Olympic games of 1948, a long time member Enrst “Mollan” Westerlund helmed the 6mR class with Raili. Four years later in the Helsinki Olympics, Westerlund won a bronze medal in the same class at the age of 59. This summer Mikaela Wulff will represent HSS at the London Olympics racing in the Finnish women’s match team.

Today HSS runs the most successful youth program in Finland headed by Brazilian top coach Leonardo Santos. The Club has over 120 optimist sailors sailing both at the national and the international level. HSS organizes an annual Downtown Clinic and Race in June, which attracts young sailors from all over the World. HSS runs also a 29er-program leading to the Olympic 49er and 49er FX classes.

HSS members have also contributed to boat design. The famous International H-boat was invented in the 60s by the HSS member Hans Groop, who was strongly supported by the club. It is still the most common keelboat in the country.

For the 2013 8mR Worlds, HSS is offering a great opportunity of taking part in one of the most unique classic yacht cultures in the World – all 8mR sailors from around the World are warmly welcome!


8mr 17.9.2012