In 2004 Mr. Kobayashi commissioned Aun to be built by David Vieira at Absolute Restorations in Portugal. The Kobayashi family have actively participated in the 8mR circuit since 2004, sailing the first Worlds on Dora II, until Aun was launched in 2005. Aun was the last project the famous Norwegian naval architect Johan Ankers designed in 1940 before he past away. Based upon the experience he had with Sira, Mr. Anker was looking for improving downwind performance without hurting upwind qualities. The yacht was not built until 2004. Mr. Yutaka Kobayashi says ”So we are really excited about being able to participate in a race Baltic Sea. We think she would be sailing fast, in the water of the Baltic Sea. The crew are looking forward to sailing in Helsinki, which is famous for having beautiful scenery, with many small islands.” Welcome Aun!

(Copied from the Worlds 2013 site)

8mr 29.5.2013