Régate Annuelle en Mer 2013 - tune-up regatta was successfully done in dropping winds

Régate Annuelle en Mer 2013 – the second day of the regatta began as yesterday – no wind and AP-flag up. After waiting one hour AP was lowered and the boats were heading to the same course area where yesterday.

The first start was at 12.55 with black flag after general recall in the first place. The second attempt was successful and the first race was done by 2.15 p.m. The race had steady wind of 6,6 knots. Top three boats of the first race were Hollandia, Yquem II ja Juanita. 

The second race started successfully with normal starting procedure around 2.30 p.m. with one boat wrong start only. During the race the Race Committee had to shorten the course due to the wind dropping down to 1-3 knots. All boats came with a bit struggling through the finishing line finally. The first three boats were Yquem II, Lafayette ja Hollandia.
The president of the hosting club Société Nautic de Geneven, Marcel Beauverd was happy with the regatta. “Conditions were challenging, but the course organization was excellent considering the weather and wind conditions. This is a great start to the 8mR Worlds starting tomorrow.”
Sailwave results for REGATA ANNUELLE EN MER SNG at 2013 
The ambience and situations from today available from this link - Photos by Piret Salmistu
You can follow the race from:
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28/7/2013 16:56 (Copied from the Worlds 2013 site)

8mr 28.7.2013