Two Races Nicely Done on the Nordea Private Banking 8mR Worlds First Day

The first morning of 8mR Worlds in Helsinki was nice – with some winds and the sun in the blue sky. Due to the winds blowing 11-14 knots the race area was chosen to be on the southern side of Isosaari. 

First race was planned to start at 11 a.m. but because some boats were too far from the racing area, the Race Committee decided to raise AP flag until all the boats were there. Very successful start of the first race was at 11.15 a.m. and the boats were sailing in a beautiful fleet to the up-mark, then in downwind back to the gates with pretty spinnakers on and then the second time to the up-mark again to sail then in good speed over the finishing line after 1 hour sailing. The first boat over the finishing line was HOLLANDIA NED1 (owner Ruud van Hilst). The second one was LAFAYETTE GBR2 (owner Murdoch McKillop) and the third over the finishing line was JUANITA AUS8 (owner Graeme Wood). The last boat in the finish was after 1 hr and 22 minutes sailing ELFE II H-9 (Germany, owner Andi Lochbrunner). 

The second race was started right after the last boat was crossing the finishing line. Started at 12.50 p.m. it was successful but with three boats over the line: KATRINA FIN14, LAFAYETTE GBR2 and YQUEM II SUI2. KATRINA did correct but the others not. During the second race the blue sky became gray and cloudy and the wind was blowing even more strongly. Racing time of the first finishing boat LAFAYETTE was one hour, but with OCS in the first place. The second one over the finishing line was HOLLANDIA NED1 and the third one YQUEM II, also with OCS. The last finishing boat ELFE II H-9 (Germany) passed the finishing line next to it instead of coming over the line - that's why in results DNF for this race. Both OCS boats were applying for the redress and the jury gave them redress based on fact that individual recall process on RC boat wasn't correct enough.
There were several protest hearings more, but the final results for today are here.
Top three boats in overall were:
1st Modern - Coppa d´Italia - Hollandia NED-1 - RNCYC - Ruud VAN HILST (NED)  1-1 = 2 points
2nd Modern - Coppa d´Italia - Lafayette GBR-2 - RNC - Murdoch MCKILLOP (GBR)  2-1 RDG  = 3 points
3rd Modern - Juanita AUS-8 - SASC - Graeme WOOD (AUS) 3-3 = 6 points
In the evening there was Helsinki City Reception in the Helsinki City Hall hosted by the City Major Hannu Penttilä.
Racing will continue tomorrow at 11 a.m. The wind forecast is promising more strong winds than today.
Photos of the day - by Piret Salmistu
You can follow the race from:
3. Twitter @8mrworlds or

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